Elizabeth Kalfayan

Elizabeth Kalfyan Teacher
Elizabeth Kalfayan and Student

She has the radiant talent of infusing her students with the joy of making music while giving them the strongest technical foundation.

Elizabeth Kalfayan and Student Ensemble

She holds a degree in Music Education and a Masters Degree from the Manhattan School of Music.  Ms. Kalfayan has directed orchestra and chamber programs for the New Jersey public schools.  She is founder and director of the Merritt Chamber Music Workshops and has coached chamber music at the Puffin Foundation and the New Jersey Youth Symphony.


"Thank you for your time and enthusiasm! You're a real inspiration for our future musician."

"I am extremely glad to have met a fantastic teacher like you. Not only were you a great teacher but your love for the cello showed so much and you taught me many concepts of life itself and how I should live.  The way you expressed yourself when teaching me how to play was so easy to understand.  I liked most when you would play on my cello and get a sound so deep, something I always was astonished by."

"Thank you for seeing below the surface to the treasure that is our daughter and for eloquently expressing your views on her orchestra audition."