Elizabeth Kalfayan
The Sonata That Was Their Lives

Elizabeth Kalfayan’s Lecture Concerts take the listener into
the world and language of music. . .

Cello Concerto in A minor, Opus 129, by Robert Schumann

The Musician becomes the guide and translator.   Ms. Kalfayan’s use of metaphors and storytelling connect the experiences of the composer from prior centuries to modern audiences, reaching inside the human heart where we all experience feelings universally in the same way.  This new insight fosters a more intimate and enriching relationship with music. Robert Schumann’s Cello Concerto is explored as a vessel, through which Schumann’s emotPiano Cello Duoional sensitivities and psychological struggles are expressed.

Seven Variations on a Theme by Mozart
from his opera The Magic Flute
, Wop 46, by Ludwig von Beethoven

Great composers like Beethoven and Mozart were not exempt from struggles of war, poverty, illness and love.  This lecture concert analyzes the world in which they lived and their emotional responses to it.  This unique insight goes beyond theoretical analysis of the composition and unravels the emotional intentions of the composer.  The same emotions resonate in our lives today.  The duet from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, on which Beethoven created his Seven Variations, is based on the subject of love--the redeeming ingredient in human life.