Elizabeth Kalfayan
Programs and Ensembles

Piano Cello Duo

Elizabeth Kalfayan Concerto Soloist
Cello and Piano Recitals

The Encore Piano Trio
Piano, Violin and Cello

The Harmonia Chamber Players
Violin, Cello, Bass, and Soprano

The  Encore String Quartet
 Two Violins, Viola and Cello

Educational Program Series
“The Sonata that Was their Lives”

Lecture Concerts
Cello and Piano

Neo-Bass Ensemble
Director, Lisle Atkinson

David Maiullo and Elizabeth Kalfayan

Elizabeth Kalfayan is featured on these CD’s:
Encore Piano Trio
Neo Bass Ensemble, Lisle Atkinson Director
Fado Blue--Diana Silva
Nostalgia--Fatima Santos
63 Miles from Broadway, Vol. 2--
Orchestra of St Peters by the Sea

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Harmonia Management
telephone: 201.970.7753     email: info@elizabethkalfayan.com

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