Elizabeth Kalfayan
“The Sonata That Was Their Lives”

The Children Respond . . .

Your music makes me relaxed and your music brought me Joy and Tears of Joy to my eyes, and I want to thank you for coming.  Your performances touched deeply my heart. So I will see you soon, next year. --Michael.

I enjoyed your performances. Frank is good at playing the drums. I like playing the rhythm instruments. It was cool to hear the different instruments.  We hompe to see you again. -- Joshua

Thank you for coming to perform for the studends.  Your music was fantastic to hear.  I really enjoyed your performance when you played the cello. I will miss your music performances and hope that you come back again.

Thank you for coming to perform for us.  I liked the cello and all the other instruments. Your music is awesome! Thanks again.  --John

Thanks for coming to our school. I enjoyed hearing you play.  I really enjoyed your performance because I like classical music. -- Jon S.

Thank you for coming to our school to perform on your cello. Your friend is a talented drummer. He is Awesome and he is really good at the drums.  I loved your music.  it is a beautiful sound. -- Sara R.



Educational Program Series

In this series, Ms. Kalfayan connects the lives and emotions of the composers to young audiences through interpreting and performing their masterworks. Each program in the series highlights a different instrument, its history, its technical emoting qualities as well as sharing insights into the performer’s personal journey with his or her instrument.

    Flute, Clarinet, Cello Duos and Trios--Beethoven and Mozart

    French Horn--Quintet in E flat major K 407, W.A. Mozart

    Bassoon--Septet in E flat major Op. 20, Beethoven

    Harp and Cello Duos--Bach and Saint-Saens

    Bass, Cello and Soprano Duos and Trios--Haydn and Rossini

    Violin and Cello Duos--Beethoven and Haydn

    Cello and Piano--Schumann and R. Strauss

    Portuguese Guitar, Cello and Vocalist--Fado Music

This is an enriching series for public school assemblies and in college Music Appreciation programs. It has successfully been presented to autistic and other special needs children.